Full Turn-Key Semiconductor Test Development
Credence ASL1K & ASL3K Eagle test system
Software and Hardware Development
  • Test Plan/Test Coverage
  • Schematics/Hardware Layout Generation
  • Test codes and Program Buyoff

Product Qualification and Data Generation

  • ESD/ Latch up/ Fault coverage data
  • Abs-max date/ Characterization
RTP – Release to Production
  • Boards and cables
  • Qualification data

Research and Development

New Methods and Processes in PCB Maintenance

  • Repair/Rehabilitation Methodologies,
    Copper Traces and Test Pads
  • Repair Damage Prepreg/Laminate
  • Direct Plating of damaged thru holes
Research and Development

New Methods and Processes in PCB Maintenance

Project Orange: Test Contacts & Burn In Board Socket Cleaning
Multi-Pin Socket and Connector Extract And Install Equipment
Solder Mask Restoration Process for Burn-In Boards
UltraPAD a new Test Pads restoration process – work in progress

Test Sockets, Contactors
& Pins Reclamation

Cantilever pins
Cleaning/ recovery of contact fingers/ socket pins

Flex & Rigid Interposer Design


Restore Burnt Connectors

  • Surface cleaning & preparation
  • Restore plating
  • Test for plating thickness (should be >200u”)
Applies To

Maverick Tester Power bus

  • Cost impact if NOT done properly.
  • May affect tester functionality.
  • Cost savings

Burn-In Board Tester Design

Concept stage – AMSI plan to build its own tester at a lesser cost.

Process/Productivity Improvement

  • Automation/Equipment Replication
  • Burn-In Board Checkers
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