Production Line Sustaining

Yield Verification, Analysis and Disposition

Program Conversion / Migration to other Test Platform – ETS & ASL1K

Assist Sub-Con Engineering Staff on Product Set-Up

Engineering Manpower Support

Test Hardware Maintenance and Deployment

  • Loadboard/ HIB verification, diagnostics & repair
  • On-site repair or conversion of TMT tester resource boards
  • Hardware inventory upkeep
  • New board qualification for release to production
  • Updating schematics
  • Deploy hardware to other sub-con sites in Asia

Maintenance Engineering

  • Equipment Preventive and Line maintenance sustaining.
  • Tester and Handler equipment maintenance
  • Load board and Handler interface board component level repair
  • PCB rework/ restoration – test pads, traces and edge fingers.
  • Tester resource board component level troubleshooting and repair.
  • Sockets and contactor maintenance.

Contract Management

  • Manufacturing processes administration.
  • Manpower deployment – experienced operators and supervisors
  • Productivity, quality and throughput assurance
  • Production control & Material handling.
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